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Visa CVV2 Mandate

1st April 2012: As of 1 April 2012 all merchants who process 'card-not-present' transactions are required to comply with the VISA CVV2 mandate. Read more...

Custom Hosted Payment Page Available

4th December 2009: We now offer merchants a custom hosted payment page service. Read more...

CSC/CVV2 Verification Available

1st April 2007: By using CSC/CVV2 verification, merchants can significantly reduce fraudulent transactions. Read more...

Desktop Client/Call Center Processing application available

8 Nov 2006: The Desktop Client allows users to perform card purchase transactions from the convenience of their own Windows® desktop. Read more...

We provide several great options to automate your online credit card processing with

Internet Payments

Batch Processing

Callcenter Processing

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main splash image provides secure and affordable credit card authorization and processing services for on-line businesses. Comprehensive reporting of individual transactions combined with historical trend analysis keeps you firmly in control of your business.

Getting Started

Getting started is a simple three step process:

  • Open a merchant account and request a "VPS Merchant ID" at any of the following banks:
    • ASB, BNZ, National or Westpac
  • Complete our on-line application form
  • Integrate your site or systems with our credit card processing facilities - easy to use examples are available.


Integration Partners

We recognize that many merchants would prefer to have someone take care of implementing the service for them. The following Partners have each successfully completed a number of implementations and may be contacted directly for assistance.

Partner List